Brew Day - NW Red

Got to brew a pretty standard red on Sunday, but gave it just enough of a twist to make it 'NW' style. Starting recipe was the Irish Red out of Brewing Classic Styles (upped to 12 gallons).

NW Red Recipe

  • 20# Great Western NW Pale Malt
  • 12oz Great Western Crystal 40l
  • 12oz Great Western Crystal 120l
  • 12oz Light Roasted Barley (300l)
Mash at 154º F for ~45 minutes
  • 1.5oz Magnum pellet at 30 minutes
  • 2oz Cascade leaf at flameout, ~10 minute steep
Safale US-05 (2 packages, no starter)
Currently fermenting at basement temp without control, around 68 degrees.

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