So About This Election

I've been having a hard time concentrating on most anything since Tuesday evening, so in an attempt to clear my head, I'm going to write out some of my thoughts now.

On the Electoral College.

Yes, I know why it was created, I know that it is supposed to help make sure that all Americans are equally represented in electing a President. But for the 2nd time in 16 years, it has failed to represent the majority vote of the country. I will note that in 2000, though I could not yet vote, I was not in support of Gore as our president, but I still feel that the EC let us down. While abolishing the EC may be over-reacting, I think we should re-evaluate how the EC does it's job. It was designed in a time where less than 5% of the population were participating in the election.

On President-Elect Donald J Trump

Yes, Donald Trump being our president-elect saddens me. More-so, his VP scares the ever-living-shit out of me. While an almost-majority of our voters have said they want him to lead out nation, many things about this man scare me. During his whole campaign, while he kept making claims to Make America Great Again, but never (IMO) did he establish any concrete action about how, or even any fact-based reasoning as to *why* we are not now 'great'. He had plenty of ideas on how to keep other nations from affecting us negatively (Mexico wall, deport illegal immigrants, registry for Muslims, close borders), those are all externally focused. Rather than going on and on about why I don't care for he, here's just a list of the highlights:

  • His views and treatment of women and women's rights
  • His views of LGBT
  • His views on Education
  • His views on Taxes
  • His potential Cabinet (really, owner of an oil company as Interior Secretary?)
  • His treatment of those who speak out against him
  • His lack of respect for almost anyone who doesn't fall into his ideals
  • His very unprofessional demeanor and actions during his campaign
  • How two-faced he is, even about his opponent (
  • He just jumped on this bandwagon, how long has he been a registered Republican? I don't feel he actually supports the party's interests.
  • And, some of his supporters.

Now, about that last one. He was actually endorsed by the KKK. The FUCKING KKK. Should that not be a giant red flag waving in the air at you? At many of his campaign events he would call out those who were 'different' (disabled/not-white/etc), and many of his supporters followed suit, even taking it to heights of physical violence against these individuals. Now, I am *NOT* saying that all of his supporters are like this. Just that those type of individuals flocked to him in support. He resonates with them, they feel like the political machine has left them behind somehow, but that this self-centered billionaire is somehow going to fix their problems.

My hope for Trump is that he will prove us wrong. I hope that things settle down from that campaign rhetoric and he does a great job. Prove to us that someone (albeit rich beyond any normal person's means) can come in from the outside and be able to handle the job. Remember Mr. Trump, you now work for *me*.

On Hillary Clinton

Sorry, this one won't be as long. Do I think HRC was the perfect candidate to represent me? No. Do I think she has some fuck-ups in her history? Absolutely. Did I vote for her? Yes, I did. I forget where the analogy came from originally, but something like this: You have heart surgery coming up. Would you rather have a surgeon who had a patient bring a malpractice suite against them (and not be found in the wrong)? Or would you rather go down to Wendy's and grab a burger-flipper off the line come in and cut you open?

I didn't vote for Hillary out of love for the Democratic party (I'm a registered independent, lower-case 'i', not the actual Independent party, that's a whole other ball of wax). I didn't vote for her because her tax plan was the best. I didn't vote for her because I wanted 'another 4 years of Obama' (yeah, some people thought that). I voted for her because I think she was the better way forward for our country. Her ideals are far from aligning with mine, but I felt they were close enough. I also felt (and still feel) that Trump is a danger to our country, and that rather than voting for another candidate who may have more closely aligned with me, I was voting for our country, for my daughter, for preserving what *has* made America great.

On the actual election

It upset me that almost half (around 45%) of eligible voters did not participate in this election. This number includes everyone who is eligible to vote, not necessarily just those who are registered. Seeing someone who was registered to vote and *didn't* (and over 19 million, roughly 20% of registered voters), that was the most infuriating thing. I don't care if you don't vote for the President, that's just fine, but be involved in local politics, after all this is where our system starts. If you don't work to be represented, guess what, you won't be!

On social media

Take everything you read with a grain of salt, do research, know if what you are being fed is true or not. The internet has made both the ability to do research, and the ability to spread misinformation, far easier than ever.

It is quite easy to create an echo chamber of only like-minded individuals. Don't just 'unfriend' someone because they support Trump and you don't like that. I'll admit that I have removed some Trump supporters from my list of 'friends', but I did so because of the messages that they posted. Messages of hatred, bigotry, racism. Not because of who they supported as their candidate.

On The Future

So where do we go now? Well, forward is the only direction we can go. We continue to do our jobs and support our fellow citizens. See someone being an ass? Saying things like 'This is white America now!', call them out, make sure they know that they are promoting hate, something America has *never* stood for, regardless of who is in the President's office.

Your threat to leave the country doesn't really mean much, sorry. There are a lot of people making (empty) threats of leaving the country, fleeing to Canada, Europe, wherever. Don't do that, this is our country, it's not perfect right now, but leaving isn't going to make that any better! And to be honest, gaining citizenship elsewhere is not an easy nor quick process.

So now, with the sage advice of Bill and Ted, Be excellent to each other

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