Caching pages in Varnish with HTTP Basic Authentication

Normally, if Varnish sees that a page has HTTP Basic Auth on it, it will immediately trigger a pass to the backend. This was causing some performance issues with the staging setup for one of our clients. They had a (smaller) mirrored setup of their production systems, just for staging. Varnish -> 2 Apache backends -> 1 DB server. But, all their staging sites have HTTP Basic Authentication on them, to keep the public's prying eyes away. Our sys-admin discovered this article, and we are working on implementing this as a solution for them right now.

tmux. do it. do it now!

I've been relying on GNU Screen for many many years. Figured it was 'good enough' and met my basic needs. But, as I spend more and more time on the command line, I find myself getting tired of SSHing in to the same server multiple times, to open connections to other servers in our network. For example, when one of our clients wants to launch one of their sites, I have to SSH in to 5 different servers to stop Puppet, test the update, have Puppet apply the changes, test things, and restart Puppet.

DFL and Proud Of It.

Came across this yesterday, and found it highly motivating. I quite often find myself one of the last to finish in our box. I feel like they wrote this for me.

Credit to :

There is no shame in being the last one working.

There is no shame in scaling.

There is no shame in finishing dead. fucking. last.

Because to DFL means you started, and better yet, it means you finished.

Using Behat\Mink to see what radio button is selected in Drupal

This week at Metal Toad I've been asked to write Behat tests for our sites that can be re-useable. I asked the other Toads for input on what they think is business-critical items to test, and the idea was brought up to write a series of tests to ensure our Deployment Checklist is completed on production sites. So, step one, check logging settings. This presented much more of a challenge than I ever anticipated, and culminated in todays "WTF Drupal?"