Time for wine

Well, Bader has decided to start carrying more Wine Expert wine kits again, due to difficulties and lack of support from RJ Spagnols. So, last evening several of us employees gathered at the store with Steve for a bit of training. We did learn quite a bit, not just about the kits themselves but how kit wines became an industry (thank the Canadians), and the process that goes in to making them. Here's a surprise, most wine that you drink from a LARGE winery (think Yellow Tail, Columbia Estate), is actually made from a condensed grape juice, just like you get in the kits. The juice is also condensed in close goegraphic proximity to where the grapes are picked, and Wine Expert has an impressively tight series of quality controls in place.

Metal Toad

Did I mention that Metal Toad hired me away from the Drupal Association? I took a job with the DA last February, originally as an intern. It was designed to be a short-term gig to teach me the basics of Drupal, and then hand me off to on of the local shops. Well, after about 2 months, it turned into a full-time temporary position, supposedly through the end of August. The end of August came, and with it an offer on open-ended employment, they *really* needed a in-house dev (still need several actually).

The Whole 30


Our box ran through this program just before thanksgiving, I wasn't able to get signed up for it then, but I've been reading up. I definitely have some pounds around my belly that could go away, and can definitely see the benefits of bringing balance back into my diet. So, in 2013, I say goodbye to processed foods, grains, and dairy. Jen and I started off yesterday, and even though I was sick (most of the day was spent in bed), we made it through day one.


Definitely see results from the Wendler 5/3/1 workout.

Squats tonight at the gym, numbers based on 105% (300#) of my previous 1RM (285#).

5 @ 150#
5 @ 180#
5 @ 225#
3 @ 255#
1+ @ 285#

Did 3 reps on my 1+. Win.

Oh, then 21-15-9 of wall-balls (20#), and burpees. 7:53.

My summation of Views 3 in Drupal 7

I've learned a lot over the last 8 months with the Drupal Association. Coming in, only knowing a little bit about Drupal, being thrown in over my head, I have had to quickly learn how to make heads or tails of all things Drupal. And, one of the biggest parts of Drupal, often the very first module installed on sites, is Views (shocking to me, I do not yet have Views installed on this site yet!). Recently, the DA was given the opportunity to have a new intern added to our dev team. So, I now find myself in the position of teacher. And this has required me to actually think about *why* I do things a certain way.