Seriously, if you need a good, and I mean [b]*good*[/b] workout, find a Crossfit box nearby. I have been at Crossfit Fort Vancouver for just over 6 months now, and I don't think I have ever been in as good a shape as I am now. At no previous point in my life would I have been able to work at this high of intensity and with loads this heavy. The workouts during most of the summer were focused on conditioning. Lots of running. Quite often we would cover the better part of 2 miles in a WOD, mixed in with lifting, jumping, pull-ups, weights etc.


Apparently, I didn't do anything over the last week that was notable enough for me to write about. Oh, Grace. It's a WOD, 30 clean-and-jerk's for time. Prescribed weight is 135# for men (I'm definitely not there yet). I did 115#, 5:42 for the time. Not bad. Ah, then on Friday morning, we did 'Good Fight Gone Bad' with a partner. So, it goes something like this, 3 times through (divide as you want with your partner):
[*]1:00 - Wall Balls
[*]1:00 - Sumo deadlift (75#)
[*]1:00 - Box jumps (24")
[*]1:00 - Push Press (75#)