tracking authenticated Drupal traffic in Varnish

As part of the performance and load testing suite I am building for a client, they asked that it accurately reflect the percentage of traffic which is logged in. Sure, no problem, we told them. But how do we get this? Really, their setup provided no easy way to collect this info (multi-site with ~200 sites). The Google Analytics module *could* be used, as it provides custom variables and we could then use a token with the users role. But, that would require building out a feature, deploying it, and enabling.

Using Behat\Mink to see what radio button is selected in Drupal

This week at Metal Toad I've been asked to write Behat tests for our sites that can be re-useable. I asked the other Toads for input on what they think is business-critical items to test, and the idea was brought up to write a series of tests to ensure our Deployment Checklist is completed on production sites. So, step one, check logging settings. This presented much more of a challenge than I ever anticipated, and culminated in todays "WTF Drupal?"

Metal Toad

Did I mention that Metal Toad hired me away from the Drupal Association? I took a job with the DA last February, originally as an intern. It was designed to be a short-term gig to teach me the basics of Drupal, and then hand me off to on of the local shops. Well, after about 2 months, it turned into a full-time temporary position, supposedly through the end of August. The end of August came, and with it an offer on open-ended employment, they *really* needed a in-house dev (still need several actually).

My summation of Views 3 in Drupal 7

I've learned a lot over the last 8 months with the Drupal Association. Coming in, only knowing a little bit about Drupal, being thrown in over my head, I have had to quickly learn how to make heads or tails of all things Drupal. And, one of the biggest parts of Drupal, often the very first module installed on sites, is Views (shocking to me, I do not yet have Views installed on this site yet!). Recently, the DA was given the opportunity to have a new intern added to our dev team. So, I now find myself in the position of teacher. And this has required me to actually think about *why* I do things a certain way.

Migrating from multiple referenced nodes to a field collection

As a part of upgrading http://association.drupal.org to D7, I was also tasked with [url=http://drupal.org/node/1469162]removing the sponsorship sales system[/url]. The old sponsorship system was based on Ubercart, and since most sponsorships are faily high-dollar, they were being managed directly by the Drupal Association financial staff. Thus, no need to have a series of nodes linked together, with Ubercart, just to show which sponsor was associated with which event\DrupalCon\etc.