Lookout, I'm hacking some frontend crap...

For one of the sites I maintain, I was tasked with doing, as the client called it 'A new front page and make it more mobile friendly'. Well, there's no super simple way to do that easily without hacking a lot of a not-so-responsive Drupal theme. So, I pitched the idea for a complete re-theme, got them to agree, and started learning more frontend skills.

In the process, I've picked up some more JQuery (don't forget to check for document.ready), and a WHOLE lot of SASS.

libvirt / QEMU / KVM USB device passthrough for brewpi / arduino

I've been trying to eliminate the Pi part of my BrewPi configuration. SD cards as main device storage are unreliable if the power fluctuates at all, and the Pi is just so slow. I have my home server sitting right next to my ferm chamber, so I set up an Ubuntu VM on it to run brewpi, and then just had to figure out how to get the Arduino hooked into the VM.

BrewPi with Arduino Leonardo (via OS X)

Decided that it was high time to build a BrewPi. I've been using an STC-1000 based temp controller in my ferm chamber for many years, but not being able to build profiles, or have logging, has recently just been the push I was looking for to build something new. That, and I have a ton of spare Arduinos just sitting around.

Session IPA

This is one of my go-to recipes. Light, easy to drink, still hoppy, and tasty. It's been through many iterations, I think I'm coming close to the hop flavor and aroma that will be it's final form.

Session IPA (11.5 gal.)

  • 13# 2-Row
  • 2.5# 40l
  • 1# Cara-pils
Mash at 148º for 30 minutes
  • 2 oz. Magnum FWH (30 minute boil)
  • 2 oz. Cascade, 5 min.
  • 2 oz Palisade, flame-out, 10 minute steep
2 cans Imperial A01 House

Brew Day - NW Red

Got to brew a pretty standard red on Sunday, but gave it just enough of a twist to make it 'NW' style. Starting recipe was the Irish Red out of Brewing Classic Styles (upped to 12 gallons).

NW Red Recipe

  • 20# Great Western NW Pale Malt
  • 12oz Great Western Crystal 40l
  • 12oz Great Western Crystal 120l
  • 12oz Light Roasted Barley (300l)
Mash at 154º F for ~45 minutes
  • 1.5oz Magnum pellet at 30 minutes

WAHA Cider Pressing

On October 10th, members of WAHA clubs gathered near Castle Rock, WA for our annual cider-pressing. This year was a record on many fronts. We had 13 totes of apples (that’s 11,000 pounds) to process, over 90 individuals signed up to receive cider, and we worked through a storm like no other.

The end result was ~560 gallons of cider from Gala apples, and a whole bunch of tired homebrewers.

tracking authenticated Drupal traffic in Varnish

As part of the performance and load testing suite I am building for a client, they asked that it accurately reflect the percentage of traffic which is logged in. Sure, no problem, we told them. But how do we get this? Really, their setup provided no easy way to collect this info (multi-site with ~200 sites). The Google Analytics module *could* be used, as it provides custom variables and we could then use a token with the users role. But, that would require building out a feature, deploying it, and enabling.